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Dream Your Purpose and Potential into Being

In my work, I meet a lot of successful women who feel disconnected from their soul purpose. They either don’t know what their purpose is or they’re having a hard time taking the next step.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We all have a soul purpose, or what I like to call a “soul theme,” that weaves together our gifts, interests, and desires. A soul purpose or theme isn’t so much about what we do as it is about who we are being. Within that framework, we have great freedom to invent, create, and pursue whatever we like.

So how can dreams help illuminate your soul theme?

Use Your Dreams as an Inner Compass

Dreams guide us in mysterious, yet powerful ways. They give us clues to help us become more fully aligned with our soul purpose and potential. They show us our strengths, our fears, and where we have room for improvement. When you pay attention to your dreams, you see how they reveal the core of a problem and the soulution to it.

There are three types of dreams that are part of the Inner Compass as it relates to your soul purpose. In truth, it’s a bit of an arbitrary division. These three categories can overlap, but in order to understand their various components, I’ve defined them as three separate types of dreams.

Soul Calling Theme Dreams

Soul purpose dreams are relatively unique to the dreamer. They aren’t typical “I’m being chased” or “I can’t find my car” dreams. Sometimes they carry a mythical element with a dash of magic and intrigue.

They also shed light on what we are called to create as well as what will help us feel joy and fulfillment.

Here are some of the themes I’ve dreamed about (there are a lot more than this):

  • blue (lots of profound dreams with the same blue color)
  • eagles and condors, a reference to an ancient prophecy
  • leading and teaching shamanic dream circles
  • sacred frame drums from my ancestral tradition and other cultures
  • being asked to participate in American Indian ceremonies
  • my ancestors and their spiritual traditions
  • Blue Deer Huichol Shamans

I was nearly 20 when most of these dream themes began to emerge, long before I started doing this as my work. The hints of my purpose were there all along, but I didn’t understand the correlation until I was in my late 30s.

Now that I’ve confidently integrated these themes into my “Soul Medicine” I rarely have these dream themes anymore. Although I miss them, dreams come to guide our soul’s journey, and once we assimilate the information and act on it, the dreams are no longer needed.

Guidance for Soul Purpose and Potential

This type of dream helps us navigate our soul path’s unique terrain. They use symbols and mythic creatures that resonate with us on a personal level or are completely unfamiliar to our conscious mind. They may include ancestors, spirit guides, friends, enemies, animals (or hybrid animals like a bird head and snake body).

Years ago, I intentionally incubated a dream asking for my soul theme for the new year. That night I had the following dream:

I’m visiting my cousin who is an architect and designer. She confesses to me that she’s an intuitive and needs help integrating this spiritual gift into her life and work. She’s afraid her colleagues will think she’s too “woo-woo” or weird. I tell her I can help her activate her gifts and feel confident using them in her life and business.

This dream planted a seed in my conscious mind: help successful women CEOs and business owners integrate their spiritual gifts into their work. It took a year to make the transition, but once I did, I was ridiculously happy and deeply fulfilled.

Common Themes in Dreams

Most people have these dreams. They aren’t unique and involve scenarios like “I can’t find my car” and “My partner is cheating on me.

Despite their ubiquity, common dreams can help you reconnect with your soul’s path. If you dream of a train, for instance, it might be telling you that you’re “off track” or “derailed” or need more “training.” Once you wake up, you can reflect on your waking life situation and take informed action to get back “on track.”

Common dream themes are useful because they help us align with our truest self, but they are not usually clues about the flavor of our soul theme.

Instead, they tell us when we are running away from something related to our calling. Or when we need to shift how we navigate our soul’s desires.


Dreams come to help you navigate your life in all areas, including your purpose. Incubate and record your dreams to help you dream your purpose and potential into being.

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