Let’s dream your SOUL into inspired purpose.


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Amy Brucker brings her keen intellect, wise intuitive nature, and creative expression to the path of dream healer. She empowers the individuals with whom she works to explore their dreams, bring them to life through art and song, and ground them in the practice of daily living. Amy stands in the lineage of dream healers from the beginning of time and is both a contemporary oracle and compelling teacher.

–Rev. Dr. Gina Rose Halpern
Founder of The Chaplaincy Institute

My garden reminds me that the good things in life need time and tending in order to grow well.

This is a reminder I need often. I’m in such a hurry for some reason.

I want to manifest my new ideas–NOW.

I want to reap the rewards of my endeavors–NOW.

But as I push little seeds into the ground to plant my medicinal herbs, I know the Calendula will take all the time it needs so it can grow properly.

First it sits in quiet darkness.

Then its roots grow down and settle into the soil.

Eventually, once everything has established itself, the Calendula will begin its journey into the light.

It’s a natural process and I’m in awe of it every time the tiniest bit of green shows above the soil.

Yet the second I want to grow something in my life, I forget about the most crucial parts of living from Essence–the darkness.

The darkness is a place of unknowing. It comes when the person you’ve left behind is no longer a part of you, but the person you’re becoming is still a mystery. In this place there are only two things you need to do–trust and surrender.

Trust and surrender are quite possibly the most difficult qualities to sink into. It requires practice and perseverance, and sometimes you need deep healing to slip into a state of allowing this to be.

So I’ve dedicated my work to helping people live from their essential SELF by helping them trust and surrender to the voice of their Soul.

It’s a journey worth taking. Will you join me?