Trust your soul.
Live from your essence.

There are many rewards when you’re a woman in a position of power.

Financial success. Recognition. Meeting interesting people.

Yet being an entrepreneur, or lawyer, or doctor, or analyst, or whatever it is you do, has it’s downsides, too.

The problem is that in order to succeed many women push aside or deny the most essential parts their true self.

Maybe for you it’s your spiritual gifts, your desire for children, or the possibility of living the full expression of your purpose and potential.

And every time you shove a bit more of yourself in the closet, it takes a heavy toll on your soul.

Some women experience this for years before they feel ready do something about it, but when they’re ready, they’re really ready.

Are you ready?

I work with smart and savvy women who want to feel the inner joy that comes from living completely aligned with your soul and Spirit.

If this is you, I can help you:

  • Create a new way of working and living so you have time for you (and more of what you want to do in life).

For instance, after working with one of my clients in this area, she increased her income from $10k to $12k a month, by reducing her work hours by about 75%. She now has more time for doing things she loves AND she now loves her work, too. Same business, new approach. (She did not sign on to work with me as her business coach. This is simply a “side effect” of ancestral healing and better choices.)

  • Heal ancestral wounds, which are patterns and habits you’ve “inherited”, so you feel like you instead of your mother.

One of my clients was struggling with feeling alone in the world, a problem that stemmed from childhood trauma. As a result, she felt like she had to do everything for herself, which put a huge amount of pressure on her business to sustain her, which in turn caused major mental and emotional stress.

After a particularly powerful ancestral healing session, however, her entire world shifted. The session helped her opened herself up to receiving help in a new way and people started to come out of the woodwork to help her. She was amazed, and began to feel supported on her life journey.

  • Live your purpose and develop your spiritual gifts–intuition, dreams, psychic ways of knowing, healing gifts.

The reason my clients are able to make major, life affirming shifts is because I help them activate and develop their spiritual gifts, which helps them connect more deeply to their purpose. I guide my clients toward radically trusting themselves and their gifts so they feel confident using them in bigger ways.

Many successful women in positions of power have well developed skills that are acceptable to mainstream society, but secretly, they have spiritual gifts and interests they long to use more frequently. This could be anything from writing a book to setting up a business as a healer.

One of my clients, a career coach and executive coach, has been integrating doTerra essential oils and Tarot readings into her work with executives in New York (and they LOVE it!). She successfully integrated more of  her soul purpose into her day-to-day life, kept her career, and doubled her income while working fewer hours with clients.

These women found inspiration. They feel more connected. More alive. More joy.

Not by doing more, but by shedding the layers of beliefs and behaviors that have kept them bogged down.

If you want to find a way to keep your career while discovering what it feels like to freely express the fullness of your whole self (or even if you want to create a new career/life path), let’s do a Recalibration Session together. They’re free with no obligations, and all you have to do is in the following form to get started:

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