Success Stories …

“I got such clear and powerful answers, and I felt absolved of SO MUCH fear just from one exercise.” 

During the program, magic started happening immediately as I started moving in the world in a new way.

— Erin Langly, dreamworker & acupuncturist

“I feel better in mind, body, and soul.”

Before working with Amy, my life was chaotic and I was having a difficult time remaining in control of my feelings, recognizing them, and I was taking everything personally.  I looked outward vs. inward for validation, concentrating my attention on others’ problems, and just becoming overwhelmed with everything.  I did not feel in control of my own life, behaviors, actions, and over all state of wellbeing.

Working with Amy helped me experience my inner life in a new way.  I learned how to validate and RECOGNIZE my feelings.  I was actually able to learn how to feel them.  Now I’m practicing paying attention to my feelings so I can let them flow instead of acting out on them in a negative way.

I feel better in mind, body, and soul. I’m eating right, feeling my feelings, and I even organized my whole house!

— Sarah Johnson, author, marriage and family therapist

“You helped me feel not so alone at this point in my life.” 
Wow. That was amazing! Everything you said (about my dream and life) made perfect sense.

I want to thank you so much for helping me see such a different view of my situation. You hit the nail right on the head!

— Matt, musician

“Since our session, we feel more comfortable, heard, seen, and loved.” 

My partner and I have been together for over 10 years during which time certain dynamics began to emerge that we didn’t even know were there. I sought out Amy’s help because I know she sees between the lines and can bring awareness to the pieces that are invisible but still exerting influence in our lives.

Amy provided a wonderfully relaxed space for the two of us to connect and be real. She shared the patterns she was noticing and we gently begin to tease apart the pieces. The work offered us each a unique opportunity to get to know ourselves better, to get to know each other better as well.

Since our session, we have made certain concrete changes which have made us both feel more comfortable, heard, seen and loved. I feel comforted knowing that we were both willing to come to the table together for this kind of work, and that we have an ally like Amy should the need arise again.

— Rodrigo & Colleen

I’ve worked with dream teachers before, but I think you’re a genius in this area!– Marina Aguilar, MFT

“You have given me more faith and trust in myself.”

Your projections on my dream were very insightful, intuitive, and thoughtful. I had misgivings about my ability to organize a large event, but you helped me have faith in myself. You have a wonderful style. Thank you so much.

— Bonnie, dreamworker

“The best part is that you include the inner workings of the soul.”

elizabethI love doing the creative components of dream work, especially collage. You really challenged me when you asked us to write a song or a poem that was inspired by a dream. I didn’t know I had it in me. You are a dynamic, animated, extremely interesting teacher. You take time, great effort and thought in all that you do. (About the 6-Month Spirit Dreaming Program)

— Elizabeth, spiritual coach

“Your thoughts helped me more than you can imagine.”

As for the dream work, my respect for you just went through the stratosphere. Your analysis hit so close to my heart that I couldn’t read it aloud without sobbing my heart out. You are absolutely right, a huge part of me is dying (metaphorically) — I see that now. I think I am making very good progress.

— Carol, astrophysicist

“I had major breakthroughs with understanding and really accessing parts of myself that were hidden.”

flowerThe Lifework Compass was absolutely wonderful and I have a great new way of working with my dreams that I didn’t know was possible.

The dream intention and incubation have been powerful new tools that I am using consistently and it means it has expanded my whole waking, sleeping dream states to greater expansion and inner knowing.

The dreams that I am now receiving are really nourishing me on a whole new level and I am deeply grateful to you, Amy, for so gracefully and simply sharing your knowledge in this way.

— Melanie Eclare

“Have you acquired x-ray vision?”

Magnificent! Your dreamwork is as comprehensive, sensitive, and accurate a set of projections that I can remember receiving for one of my dreams. What do you feel is going on? Are we occupying the same space?

— Josh S, accountant

“You have deciphered a dream that has haunted me for a long time.”

I wish I had known you 35 years ago.  Maybe my life would have taken a different turn.

— Mary


“What amazes me is that something so gentle used with the intent of love is so powerful.”

It was what I needed to hear. I have already been able to clear up some issues and shared it with my friend. She has been able to clear up knotted issues and energy that was making it unpleasant to visit her house.

— Gennefer Ellsworth

“You helped me heal in an hour what I’ve been trying to heal for months.  And then some.”

Somewhere along the way I learned that life wasn’t a safe thing and that I had no business being here, despite my celebrated birth. During our session, a lot of the energetic confusion between me and others was cleared. Now there’s more room for me to discover who I actually am! I’ve felt much more aligned with my spiritual and intuitive selves since our session.

– CT

flower-blue“I have clarity and renewed focus.”

The Lifework Compass helped me learn new tools for dreamwork and intuition.   Helped me look inwards to recognize my talents and figure out my goals.

– RF

Lifework Compass 30-Day Program

“That was an inspirational and magical journey we went on.”

Wow Amy! You are an extraordinary Shamanic Healer and deeply gifted in your intuitive and psychic skills. Thank you so very very much.

– EM