Do you have a soul purpose or a sole purpose?

Have you ever wondered what your life or soul’s purpose is?

Whenever I broach this topic in my classes it inevitably brings up a variety of emotional responses. People either feel a deep soul’s calling or they have tried desperately to find a soul’s purpose (or life purpose) and failed to figure out what it is.

One thing I notice people doing is trying to figure out what their “sole” purpose is, as though there is one Divinely inspired action they are supposed to achieve before they die.  But thoughts like that cause anxiety for people who haven’t connected with something big and important and obvious.

What if, instead of a sole purpose, your soul’s purpose is to simply live a fully expressed life? To align with the Truth of who you are in any given moment? What if your soul’s purpose is to awaken?

The question then becomes, “What in you wants to be fully expressed at any given moment?” And maybe even more important, “If you’re not fully expressed, what’s preventing you from doing so?”

Another way to look at soul’s purpose is to consider that there may be a unique theme that weaves its way through your life. For me it is obvious: creating and expressing. These themes are present in every second of my life. How I choose to give voice to them differs depending on my circumstances. If I go for long periods of not creating or expressing, I am not living a fully expressed life. When this happens, some form of depression or enuii is inevitable.

What do you think? Do you have a soul’s calling? A sole purpose? A life purpose? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

About the Author:

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