Live with a Clean Heart and Take Imperfect Action


I was stuck in major resistance when someone said the most amazing line to me:

A clean heart and imperfect action will help you create the life and business you desire.

Profound words.

So what do they mean?

For me a clean heart means being in integrity.

It means aligning my words and actions.

It means walking my spiritual talk.

But mostly, it means aligning with love, even when my fears would have me do otherwise.

Taking imperfect action, on the other hand, means doing something to move forward in life and business instead of allowing resistance to rule your life. (Resistance is normal, but letting it run your life is no fun. Trust me. I know!)

Imperfect action also means taking intentional, inspired and productive action, even if you don’t have complete clarity about where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Sometimes it means moving forward through a thick jungle of indecision in which clarity is only an inch-long path before your feet.


Other times it means taking bold action when you are less than certain that what you are doing is “the right thing.” And if you stumble, course correct along the way.

But working with a clean heart and taking imperfect action does NOT mean pushing or forcing something into place, like trying to push the square peg into the round whole. Trying to push your way forward only leads to frustration (Again, trust me. I know from personal experience.)

So what steps might you take to live with a clean heart and move forward with imperfect action?

Get quiet and tune in. You can more easily access your inner wisdom this way.

Surrender to the place within you that trusts God, Goddess, the Divine, the Universe, Source … whatever you want to call the creative powers that be.

When it comes to taking imperfect action, connect with the love inside of you and make decisions from this place. Then move forward.

This process takes practice. But it’s totally worth the effort.

I’m sure there are many things you can do to live with a clean heart and take imperfect action, and I’m sure you have your own ways … so what are they? Share below. I’d love to know.

About the Author:

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