How to Make the Leap of a Lifetime

roxyA few weeks ago I put a gate in our hallway to keep my cats in the living room. Every day they poked and prodded trying to find a way through it, over it or under it. No such luck. Eventually, they gave up and resumed their daily affairs.

So today when two delivery guys came to deliver our new dryer, I closed the bedroom doors and put the cats in the hallway. I simply assumed the gate would keep them safely out of harm’s way until the delivery guys left.

But my cat Roxy was so freaked out by having strangers in our house that she did something crazy. She took a running leap and jumped right over the gate.

I was astonished. All this time the gate wasn’t a barrier to her at all. The cats only assumed they couldn’t get over it. Roxy’s desire to be free outweighed her self-imposed limitations, so in one giant leap she easily made it over.

And in that moment, Roxy did something many of us dream of doing our whole lives. She broke through a self-imposed limitation that until that moment seemed impossible to penetrate. She took a leap of faith and safely landed on the other side.

Just like the gate, our blocks to change and progress are often self-imposed. They look solid, appear impossible to pass through, but with enough desire and determination, we can break through just about anything.

So what about you?

Do you confront your blocks and limitations by taking a running leap of faith?

Or, do you poke and prod at something, wishing you could break through whatever’s standing in your way, and then give up?

Your answer is a bigger predictor of your potential for fulfillment than you might imagine.

Of course, you might make a decent living without taking big risks, and you might be satisfied with your life as it is right now. But will you ever truly embody your full potential if you don’t take a running leap of faith now and again?

If you ever dream about doing something different with your life, or desire a more fulfilling life, yet don’t take action to manifest your hopes, you might assume you’re simply a realist who has accepted your current situation…and that might be true.

But ask yourself this: are you using that acceptance as an excuse to sit behind a self-imposed barrier, one that looks solid and impossible to transcend, but in reality is an illusion that simply requires a running leap of faith?

That, my friend, is the question of a lifetime. How you answer it makes all the difference.

About the Author:

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