Going West: The Art of Letting Go

Over the weekend I decided to create something I’m going to call, Dream Magic™ Monday.

I’ve been teaching Dream Magic™ for nearly a decade. It is a process that involves setting intentions and paying close attention to nature, dreams and intuition to divine life direction.

And it works. Really well.  I’ve used the process to help me heal my body, make money in my business and assist my clients in transforming tricky life situations.

But Dream Magic™ Monday is going to be a day of adventure, and this week I tuned into Spirit for inspiration and ended up going to Half Moon Bay to do a cleansing ritual.

I took my laptop with me and used the day’s experiences for ideas for my newsletter — much more fun than sitting in my office, alone!

I’m not sure why I always feel like I have to work in my office. Especially since laptops are mobile and I live in an area where there are mountains, ocean, deserts, fields of flowers, and big climbing rocks just waiting to be explored. I’m ready to release that belief now!

Anyway, I may make Dream Magic™ Monday a weekly occurrence. I certainly had a lot of fun!

What I did

I drove west.

The West is where I go when I want to let go of that which I no longer need, and I needed to let go of something BIG, so I went to the one place where that BIGNESS could be released: the ocean.

When I arrived, I sat on the cool sand, felt the salty breeze wash over me, and let the air clear my senses.

I picked up a beach stone, wrapped it in beach grass, and said a prayer.

I put my intention into the stone, sharing with it the secrets I needed to let go of, and when I was done, I asked Mother Ocean to help me release that which I no longer needed.

Then I threw the stone into the sea.

I felt untangled.


When we release that which we no longer need, we make room for the new.

Our hearts and minds can get tangled in a web of second-guessing, inspiration, doubt, courage, fear, and joy, all bound together in a tight ball.

Sometimes we need to take a moment to unravel these threads in order to get to the core of what’s real.

Once we do, we can start to fill the empty space with our deeper truth. When we let go of fear, for instance, we can replace it with the knowing that we are part of the Divine Flow that creates everything.

Unfortunately, in our culture we don’t typically practice real rituals, the kind that help us destroy the outmoded status quo.

But ritual is needed.

Ritual helps us make lasting change and transformation.

If you’re feeling that sense of entanglement, the one in which you have doubt and courage or fear and joy at the same time, and it’s making you feel stuck, create a ritual for yourself and let go of that which no longer serves you.

Make it fun. Make it creative. Make it meaningful.

A simple releasing ritual

Step 1: Make a natural object that you can release

I used a stone with some dried grasses I found on the sidewalk. You can use sticks, feathers, shells, leaves, flowers, anything that will disintegrate and not omit toxicities.

Step 2: Infuse the object with your intention.

Think about what it is you want to let go of and share it with your object. Imagine putting that intention in the object.

Step 3: Release it.

You can burn, bury, submerge in water, or send your object into the wind. When you do, imagine the thing you are releasing is lifting itself from you (and the object) and returning to Source.

So … what will you release?

What I saw


When I got into town, I walked around looking for a lunch spot.

What got my attention is the booming commercial side of Half Moon Bay. During the economic melt-down several years ago, the town lost some great shops, like a bookstore with creaky old floors and unique periodicals. I miss that bookstore.

But the town is thriving now. There are new shops popping up all over the place. It’s a great reminder that life is cyclical, and that when something disintegrates, something else can take its place. Which is partly why I did the releasing ritual. I’m making room for new stuff. BIG new stuff…

So what’s new in Half Moon Bay? The Garden Apothecary


I love gardening because it helps me feel in touch with nature and the growing cycles. Gardens are perfect reminders of the need to release the old in order to make way for the new. Seeds crack open so trees can grow. Flower petals fall to the ground so the fruit can grow. Fruit falls so we can eat (well, and also so the seeds can reproduce …)

But the garden shop was also an apothecary and I love apothecaries, so I couldn’t help but sneak a peek in this store.

This small boutique is filled with an unusual combination of gardening, bath & beauty supplies. I guess when your hands get dirty from digging you can use their soap to release the dirt.​

What I listened to

kdlangA road trip (no matter how short) wouldn’t be right without music.

Singing helps me release tension (and also have fun!), so I popped in a cd of one of my favorites, K.D. Lang, and listened to Absolute Torch and Twang, an album full of old country classic covers. I sang my heart out …

“Don’t let the stars get in your eyes don’t let the moon break your heart…”

What I ate and Dream Musings

tortilla-soupLunch was a bowl of spicy black bean soup with homemade corn tortilla chips – hot and fresh. Yum.

On a DREAM note …

Did you know that fully eating and swallowing food in dreams is rare?

In most food dreams, you might go through the act of eating, chewing or putting something in your mouth, but people rarely swallow food in dreams.

Swallowing food in dreams may be a sign that the dreamer is experiencing full assimilation of something in his or her life. Or that they’ve successfully transformed information or a mindset shift.

So pay attention to when you’re eating in dreams. Are you just chewing, or did you actually swallow that chili? What are you assimilating?

Once I was done with lunch I headed home, satisfied.

It was a day of releasing. A day of magic. A day of fun.


About the Author:

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