Falling Down is Your Birthright: Why Do You Resist?


The leaves are falling and they whisper: falling down is your birthright. Why do you resist?

Why do you hang on, hold out, adhere to things that trouble you: a job, even if you dislike it, a relationship, even if it hurts you, a belief, even if you’ve outgrown it?

Falling down doesn’t have to be gruesome, with all of your guts hanging out for everyone to see and step on.

Falling down doesn’t have to be a devastating blow to your self-worth or a punishing period of self-flagellation.

Falling down can be an intentional act, like a dance that twirls you from branch to burrow, so you can bury your old self in the humus of life and grow from the manure of your discarded experience.

Falling down can be an act of release, of consciously letting go, of saying good-bye to the past so you can prepare for a new way of being.

Falling down can be an act of love.

So why don’t you let go?

Release your grip on the filament that holds you in place.

After all, one gust of wind will loosen your grasp and you’ll fall anyway. Why not fall on purpose?

Surrender to the knowing that you will land, and even if your landing is hard, your falling will give you the release you need to rise again.

About the Author:

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