Walking in Two Worlds is Magical…


You were born with magic.

Whether you’re an intuitive, empath, medium, clairvoyant, BIG dreamer, or have some other type of magic, your spiritual gifts can help you create rich and lasting transformation in your life as well as your clients’ lives.

Yet the journey to integrating these gifts into your everyday experience can be a little scary and a bit lonely at times because all sorts of doubts can creep in:

Is this really happening?

If people find out I have these gifts, will they think I’m crazy and kick me out of the tribe?

What if I have to give up something I love in order to engage the full expression of my purpose and gifts?


And the more these questions cloud your vision, the harder it is to come out of the closet as a spiritually gifted person.

I created the Dream Temple community so you’d have a place to explore what it truly means to be you. You can join us here.

Whether that means discovering how to keep your job while simultaneously being truer to yourself…

Shifting your career focus to something entirely new and fresh…

Or learning how to wield your woo with the strength of a warrior and the grace of a goddess, I’m here to help you.

Join me on this adventure – it’s free. And sign up below to receive Sunday emails from me that include everything from herbal infusion recipes to thoughts on how to step more fully into your purpose and power.

sweet dreams,


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