Call Your Soul Back Home


Your Soul–the deepest, truest expression of your being–wants to live unabashedly, unapologetically free.

It wants to feel its feelings, follow its dreams, and lean into its potential.

And when it isn’t allowed to do that, when you hide a part of yourself away and put everything and everyone else first, part of your soul becomes tethered or it leaves completely.

So what would happen if you called your Soul home and totally trusted it to guide you, lead you, and help you create your “one wild and precious life*?”

In ancient days, people knew how to call their soul back home in order to heal. They’d visit dream temples, sacred places of healing, to receive dreams, visions, and medicine to help them call their soul back home.

I created the Dream Temple community so you’d have a sacred place and useful tools to help you explore what it means to lead from Soul. You can join us here–it’s free.

You can also sign up below to receive Sunday emails from me with inspiring bits about how to call your soul back home with herbal remedies, dreamwork, ancestral healing, intuitive-empathic development, etc.

It’s a path toward truly trusting yourself so you free in your own skin.

sweet dreams,


*Mary Oliver