Dear dreamer, Who are you?

We’d love to get to know you.

Some of you have emailed us, which we love by the way.

Others have commented on our blog.

And still others have joined in on our Facebook page.

But our mailing list is getting much bigger and most of you are still a mystery to us.

So instead of writing a long post about dreams, I invite you to introduce yourself. To do so, leave a comment below.

Here are some things you might talk about (but you can say anything you’d like).

Who are you?

Why are you interested in dreams?

What do you most want to learn (or share) about dreams?

Are you a professional dreamworker (if so, and if you have a blog, share your url)?

Seriously, we really want to know who YOU are. It will help us grow a dreaming community.

About the Author:

I create unique soul medicine for strong, successful women to help them release the patterns that hold them back so they can live fully and powerfully from their Essential Self. To see if we’re a good fit to work together, set up a FREE session: Soul Medicine Session.