When Growing Your Desires Doesn’t Get Results

Last Monday was Beltane, the seasonal shift my ancestors celebrated to mark the transition from spring to summer, which means spring is halfway over and my garden is still not planted! This got me to thinking about the similarities between planting seeds and growing desires. Or specifically, how to deal with the frustration that comes after the [...]

Resurrect Yourself

  I know today is Easter and that Christians all over the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (Happy Easter if you're one of them), but I wanted to talk about what it would mean if you were to let yourself die so you could resurrect yourself. Seriously. I'm not talking about doing any [...]

The Hidden Message in the Equinox

Have you ever had a desire for something, like an income or career breakthrough, but instead of moving forward you ended up feeling stuck in a never ending loop? And no matter what you did, you couldn't make the shift, so you lost hope and gave up? If so, I have something fun to share [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Calendar

One of the most soul-satisfying things I've ever done was to release all of the superfluous things from my life so I could make room for my soul to breathe. For years (and years and years and ...), I filled my day with activities just so I felt productive. At the time, I wasn't making [...]

Be the Cause that Nurtures Your Soul

I was sitting at the dinner table when the waiter put a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in the bottom of my bowl, then poured red gazpacho over it. As he poured my friend's soup, however, I noticed that while he gave her a liberal amount, there was barely enough liquid in my bowl to [...]