What’s blocking your connection to Source

A client of mine made a strong confession during our first session together: My purpose is calling, I can feel it. I just can't get to it. Not for lack of trying, I'm definitely trying, but something isn't working. She wanted to make money by engaging her purpose. She wanted to have fun integrating her [...]

What if everything you need is a mile away?

Louise and I lived in the same neighborhood for ten years. I walked by her house on a regular basis. We never met. One day, Louise was walking with her dog Bodhi when an inner Voice told her to take a right turn instead of her usual left. She did, and because of this, we [...]

Is it really a good idea to make friends with death?

Years ago, when I was studying shamanism, I did a shamanic journey to meet my inner healer. I didn’t have specific expectations of what I’d find. I thought it would be a wise old woman or a white bearded man. But that’s not what showed up. Instead, I met Death. Death came to me, cloaked [...]

are you ignoring the one thing that needs gratitude the most?

What if you gave thanks for what you--yes YOU--have given?​ How often do you celebrate your gifts and your ability to share them? When do you appreciate your own contributions? You gave your time, your resources, your expertise. Where do they fall on the scale of the importance of giving thanks? Recognize Yourself Take a [...]

Remembering where you came from

  Has this ever happened to you: As the weather turns cooler, I want to retreat into the coziness of woolen socks and spiced tea. But my desire goes beyond wanting to feel snug. There's a distinct feeling that permeates these moments, a sensation that cannot be put into words. It's the mesmerizing movement of dipping a [...]