Resurrect Yourself

  I know today is Easter and that Christians all over the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (Happy Easter if you're one of them), but I wanted to talk about what it would mean if you were to let yourself die so you could resurrect yourself. Seriously. I'm not talking about doing any [...]

The Hidden Message in the Equinox

Have you ever had a desire for something, like an income or career breakthrough, but instead of moving forward you ended up feeling stuck in a never ending loop? And no matter what you did, you couldn't make the shift, so you lost hope and gave up? If so, I have something fun to share [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Calendar

One of the most soul-satisfying things I've ever done was to release all of the superfluous things from my life so I could make room for my soul to breathe. For years (and years and years and ...), I filled my day with activities just so I felt productive. At the time, I wasn't making [...]

Be the Cause that Nurtures Your Soul

I was sitting at the dinner table when the waiter put a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in the bottom of my bowl, then poured red gazpacho over it. As he poured my friend's soup, however, I noticed that while he gave her a liberal amount, there was barely enough liquid in my bowl to [...]

You were born for this

Have you ever held an apple seed in your hand and realized you're holding an orchard? In 5 years, that one seed starts to produce about 1000 apples a year. Each apple has about 10 seeds. That's 10,000 seeds from one tree. In five years, each one of those 10,000 seeds can produce a tree [...]