How to survive when the flames of hell are burning down your door

Sometimes life feels like a hellish fire burning down the only door leading in and out of the house. In other words, miserably trapped in a bad situation. And in these moments, it can feel impossible to find enough water to douse the flames. Affirmations, essential oils, positive thinking just seem to melt away, leaving [...]

Making it Through the Tough Times

When things get tough, I tend to struggle a bit before I remember it doesn't have to be so hard—I can surrender. Surrendering is second nature to me now, but there was a time when the thought of surrendering was terrifying. I used to feel that I had to will my way through the tough [...]

The Joy of Living from Essence

What do you see? At first glance you might see beautiful, colorful flowers. But upon closer inspection you see little imperfections. The petals are rough around the edges, browning. The tomato is unripened, having fallen from the vine too soon. The geranium leaves are turning white, a sign of disease. This is my basket of misfits, the discarded blooms that [...]

Freeing a Tethered Soul

The other night, at 2:00 am (wide awake due to a late night coffee popsicle--duh--and the full moon), I suddenly realized why my soul felt tethered in place. It was the kind of epiphany that deserves an audible "ping" and the face-palm exclamation of, "Whoa! Why didn't I know this before?!" You see, my inner [...]

The (Hidden) Cost of Freedom

My ancestors came to the New World filled with hope and a vision. They were looking for freedom, but what they found was a hard road paved with loss and devastation. Today their stories are a relevant reminder of the cost of freedom. Early Days of Freedom In 1620, my ancestors came to America on the [...]