Know the Perfect Time to Shift

I was shopping for groceries when the man smiled at me. He was hot. Cooking eggs on a sidewalk in July hot. And he was walking over, so I reflected on my status. Hair? Good. Clothing? Perfect. Interest? High. "Hi." He said. "You have a great smile." (I get that a lot, from complete strangers.) We [...]

Joyful Winter Diversions

When I lived in Minnesota, I'd spend cold, winter days cozied up with a cup of tea and gardening books. Looking at the inspiring arrangements somehow filled my spirit with the balmy greenness displayed on the pages. Dreaming about my garden was a diversion from the bleak reality outside my front door. (One winter, the [...]

The Hidden Reason for Grumpiness

Do you ever feel like the Energizer Bunny? You keep going, and going, and going... In this fast-paced world it often feels necessary to constantly move about in order to get stuff done. But here's the thing: everything that grows--and that includes you and your work--needs a resting period. Without it, you'll end up feeling [...]

When things don’t grow as quickly as you’d like …

For those of us who are idea machines, waiting for one idea to grow to fruition can feel like an eternity. When new ideas come along they feel fresh and exciting, and it's easy to be tempted to switch gears and ditch the old idea for a new one. In this video, I talk about Spring as a metaphor [...]