Delve into the darkness to hear your intuition

Winter is the perfect time of year to develop a deeper connection to your intuition. The darkness makes it easier to tune out external stimulus so you can go within and hear yourself as well as hear Spirit. Winter, though, isn't always about the cold, dark months of the year. It can also be the [...]

Survival Guide for Empaths

The holiday season is drawing near and you know what that means: Anxious holiday shoppers. Frantic people late to parties. Angry people talking about politics. And you'll feel it all. Like a mad rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins, you'll feel the drama as though it's your own. Sigh. Sometimes being an empath is [...]

The Holy Power of Tiger

I was standing by a tree when flames erupted from the branches. I ran to save myself, but a tiger leapt out and chased me. The ground held no refuge, so I did the only thing I could think of: I left my body and floated away. The Holy Quality of Tiger Dreams Whenever I dream of Tiger, I wake [...]

Working with Fire Medicine (to Fuel Your Purpose)

  I once dreamed a volcano was erupting and lava was pouring down the side of the mountain. Afraid, I ran toward the sea to find safety, but quickly realized there was no escape. I had to choose between death by fire and death by water. Some choice. I woke up feeling trapped and indecisive. When I told my [...]

(Legal) Herbs for Awesome Dreaming

Did you know the ancient Iroquois (American Indians) took dreams very seriously? They believed that dreams carried the secret desires of the soul and that these wishes needed to be manifested in order for the soul to remain healthy. Illness was a sign of a dissatisfied soul. "[The] soul makes [our] desires known by means [...]