How to protect yourself from copyright infringement

Imagine my surprise when I discovered someone posting my articles on their website … without my permission or attribution to me. Not just one article, but many of them.

Basically, the blog owner set up a system so all of my articles were going directly into his/her blog.

Granted, the perpetrator had a link to my website at the bottom of each article, but let’s face it, the blog owner was clearly violating copyright infringement.

Or was

Joyful Self-Employment: 7 Tips for Loving Your Lifework

Being self-employed or working from home sounds luxurious at first.

One imagines leisurely days doing soul-gratifying work.

But then you realize how hard it is to stay focused and keep the momentum going.

Or how easy it is to feel isolated.

I still need to be conscious of these potential pitfalls after 10 years of self-employment or working from home, but in the past couple years I’ve found seven activities help me:

stay focused longer
get more done and
enjoy my days

Grow Your Life Ezine is Moving to Tuesdays…

For weeks I’ve been debating whether or not to move my ezine from Monday to Tuesday.

I’ve decided to make the change so this is my official notice and the last Monday ezine.

Starting next week you’ll get a post from me on Tuesday.

Here’s to growing somewhere great.


SECHAT with Molly Gordon: Ancestors, Dreams & Lifework

At 4:00 pm Tuesday, Pacific Time, I’m be discussing how ancestral lineage and dreamwork may illuminate lifework direction.

Where sacrifice meets success

When I was in 8th grade I had to take a speech class. I hated this class. I would rather have stuck my head in the sand than stand up in front of people and talk.