Reclaim Your Indigenous Spirit

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It’s your adventure. Walk it your way.
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Amy Brucker brings her keen intellect, wise intuitive nature, and creative expression to the path of dreamwork. She stands in the lineage of dreamworkers from the beginning of time and is both a contemporary oracle and compelling teacher.

–Rev. Dr. Gina Rose Halpern
Founder of The Chaplaincy Institute

return to dreams, nature & intuition as a way of life


Here’s what I know to be true:

When we trust our intuition, the stars sparkle a little more brilliantly.

When we tune into our dreams, they guide us through our one wild and precious life*.

And when we live in harmony with nature and set clear intentions, we create miracles.

That’s what Reclaiming the Indigenous Spirit is all about: living fully immersed in a rhythm that puts us firmly on the path of Divine Flow.

This process is a unique approach to integrating dreams, intuition and nature into your life so you can more easily make it a part of your everyday experience.

Keep reading to discover how Reclaiming Your Indigenous Spirit can help you navigate your life from a place of inspiration and soul-satisfaction!


*Thanks Mary Oliver for this incredible line.

It’s your adventure. Walk it your way.
Get the Dream Tribe Ezine for FREE!