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Hey there! I’m Amy.

Several years ago, I started blending together my work as a shamanic healer, soul dreamer and self-employment mentor to help spiritually conscious women manifest their callings. I call the process “The Soulful Path to Prosperity, Impact and Purpose” and it’s all about aligning with your greatest potential.

When we work together, I create sacred space where we connect with your souls’ wishes and delve into the realm of healing and practical skills, both of which are usually needed to have massive income and leadership breakthroughs.

I would love a chance to get to know you, and if you are self-employed, encourage you to apply for an Income Breakthrough Session which is perfect for people who love the idea of creating phenomenal income and impact inspired by their purpose.


The Soulful Path to Purpose, Prosperity & Impact

Why is the Soulful Path Important?

The soulful path to purpose, prosperity and powerful impact is a heart-felt way to engage your greatest potential so you can step into your role as soulful leader — healer, coach, counselor, mentor, or anyone who helps people transform — and create phenomenal impact and income.

It is a magical path filled with dreams, insight, opportunity and wisdom.

And when you know how to walk this path, you can manifest your soul calling more quickly by creating the momentum necessary for heart-centered success in self-employment.

The Soulful Path can also help you heal your body, mend relationships, get clients, manifest money, create programs and services inspired by your purpose … it can do all sorts of things.

The problem is, most people aren’t fully aware of the secret magic that can happen on this path, so they don’t use it.

But even people who are attuned to the possibilities don’t always feel as connected to the soulful path as they’d like to be.

Life moves quickly. They run out of time. They have a million things to do.

And yet, through it all, they long fore more peace, meaning, joy and mystical experiences.

So what do you do?

Once you know how to engage the soulful path with simple steps, life becomes a completely different experience.

You realize that all of life is a co-creative process in which you have a large say in what happens for you.

You start to see how things fit together. You glean insight from the most obscure places, and you can put it to good use in your life.

In truth,  the soulful path is a profoundly, self-empowering practice that starts by cultivating deep self-awareness.

What is the Soulful Path?

The soulful path engages what I call “soul dreaming” and the “dreamrealm.” From the indigenous perspective of many cultures, your soul speaks to you through dreams and all of your experiences, beliefs, desires, and ways of being in the world are dreams in action.  This includes the four dreamrealms which are sleeping dreams, waking dreams, intuition and imagination.

Within this context, the state of your health is a reflection of your soul’s dream and vice versa, and your life circumstances are a reflection of your soul’s greater dream journey.

Soul healers, also known as shamans, consider physical and mental illness, which can include money and client problems, as a dream gone awry.

The role of soul healers is to help people change or shift their dream so they can change their circumstances and heal. This means shifting our environment, beliefs and ways of being in the world to help us align more fully with the beautiful souls that we are.

As self-employed women, it’s important to understand the implications, because for hundreds of years, healers and women have experienced a sort of money sickness that is part of our collective dream.

It’s time to change the dream so we can become prosperous leaders who are earning income in accordance to our worth.

It’s time to find a way to engage the soulful path so we are connected to our inner power and greatest potential in a clear and simple way.

Endless Possibilities: Your Dreams, Your Life, Your Work

As a self-employed woman, you undoubtedly have many desires, hopes and wishes as well as a few pesky obstacles that keep you firmly stuck in place.

Maybe you are working hard and making little money. Or perhaps you want to align more fully with your potential, if only you could figure out how to do it.

Whatever your current situation, if you are ready to have an income breakthrough by discovering how to work smarter, not harder, then I encourage you to apply for my 6-Month, private mentoring program called The Soulful Path to Prosperity. 


Imagine engaging your highest potential …

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