Change Your Dream, Change Your Life

For women who are dreaming their soul work & lives into being.

Hey there! I’m Amy and I can help you create joyful self-employment by showing you how to have a bigger impact with your clients so you make great money and love what you do!

Several years ago, I started blending together my work as a shamanic healer, dreamworker and business mentor so I could more easily help other women manifest their callings. I even include my secret ingredient which is “Dream Magic™”, a process I developed that amplifies your intuition, makes manifesting easier, helps you get (way) beyond your stuck places and is, plain and simple, a whole lot of fun!

When we work together, I show you how to price, package and market compelling offers your clients WILL invest in. Our process will be one part soul infusion, one part practical implementation, and the results will be truly transformative.





… the art of dreaming your soul’s greatest wishes into being.
… honoring your intuition while you engage in practical steps.
… integrating the divine masculine and divine feminine.
… diving into the mystery to retrieve your BIG medicine.
… a specific way of working with your sleeping dreams.
… using your imagination to connect with your soul’s higher purpose.
… aligning with your personal truth to manifest at lightening speed.
… everyday wisdom that can carry you into every day joy.
… a way of life.

Get dream guidance for your life and work.