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Hey there, I’m Amy, soul healer and self-employment guide.

You might also call me a dream weaver, path illuminator & self-employment accelerator because I know a few things about aligning with your soul’s purpose to live a magical life.

Here are some of the ways I help people dream their soul purpose into being:

The Soulful Self-Employment Journey

I show healers & transformational leaders how to package and market their work so they can attract phenomenal clients and make meaningful money. This is a truly spiritual journey full of healing, transformation and practical step-by-step guidance.

The Healing Journey

I guide people through a healing process that turns adversity into an adventure so they can say, “I am not a victim of my circumstance, but the true shero of my journey!”

The Soulful Journey

I help people trust their intuition and align with their soul’s wishes so they feel the freedom and joy that comes from connecting with their true purpose for being.

My Journey

I write, speak and teach about how dream weaving and engaging the true wishes of the soul can help you create a phenomenal life and self-employment.

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Your joyful journey is my business. 

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elizabeth-riverAmy Brucker is a spiritual giant, but also a total computer geek! She uses the internet to expand our capacity to give and receive love! What a concept! Just by reading her ezines, whether I do anything she suggests or not, I grow in spiritual stature, have more confidence in my own gifts and my own journey, and am willing to do the next right thing on my path. I urge you to read this ezine. If it doesn’t touch you, delete it.  But I’ll tell you, I bet at least one sentence, one idea, or one word will move you, somehow.  It certainly beats a lot of other stuff I’m getting in my emails!

Rev. Lizzie River, Wedding Celebrant